What type of services does your company provide?

4-Evergreen Landscaping, Inc. specializes in landscape design and installation, tree trimming/maintenance, storm clean up, irrigation repair and maintenance, landscape maintenance and lawn services for commercial and residential properties.

Do you offer custom design/build landscape?

Yes. Landscape design and installation is our specialty. We offer creative landscape designs for commercial and residential properties. We offer magnificent designs and the best quality plant material to satisfy all of your landscaping needs.

Why should I choose 4-Evergreen as my landscaping company?

4-Evergreen is a reputable landscaping company that offers a wide range of landscape services at reasonable prices. We’ve not only survived in a competitive market but we’ve thrived because of our commitment to being the best in the industry.

How does 4-Evergreen conclusively evaluate nutrient deficiencies in plants and grass?

Sometimes with just a glance our professionals at 4-Evergreen, Inc. can diagnose problems with your lawn and plant material. However, when we begin servicing new commercial properties we take soil samples from the property and have it analyzed by A and M Laboratories (Pompano Beach) free of charge. Upon receiving the lab results we match the soil sample results with the proper fertilizer. We find that this approach is the best way to detect and resolve nutrient deficiencies in plants and lawn.

Do you have a supervisor on the property at all times during services?

Yes. All groups have a specially trained supervisor on site at all times. All supervisors have phone numbers for property management companies and are accessible to owner Darren Frost at all times during the work day.