Commercial Tree Trimming

Commercial Tree Trimming

South Florida Commercial Tree Trimming

Commercial Tree Trimming, Commercial Tree Pruning, Commercial Tree Removal, Emergency Tree Service!

Keeping the trees on your commercial property properly trimmed will ensure that the trees on your commercial property are both safe and healthy. Overcrowded branches and weather damage can present hazards at your Shopping Center, Office Building or HOA Community that must be addressed to keep your trees from becoming a legal liability. Pruning is also performed to beautify your commercial property, and maximize visibility.

Our commercial tree care provides routine pruning techniques that include crown thinning, raising, cleaning, branch reduction, shaping, weight reduction, deadwood removal and building clearance.

$-Evergreen also performs large tree removal. We will systematically work with your property managers as well as the City to meet all specifications and regulations that you or the City have.


Our commercial tree specialists are experienced in handling a wide variety of tree concerns, including:

  • Commercial Tree Permitting
  • Corrective pruning
  • Canopy reduction
  • Diseased trees
  • Artistic Pruning
  • Hauling and Clearing
  • Stump and root grinding
  • Thinning
  • Tree removal
  • Storm clean up
  • General property clean ups

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