See Us On TV

See Us On TV

4-Evergreen Landscaping will be featured on an upcoming TV Series called Office Spaces. The show airs on Lifetime Television and Fox Business. The air date will be May 30th 2016. Stay tuned for time slots. Watch 4-Evergreen Landscaping transform the exterior landscaping of a well known international marketing agency called BrandStar.

We began as a small residential landscaping maintenance company. Due to our clients’ increasing demands and our reputation for attention to detail, we successfully expanded our services to include landscaping design/installation, tree trimming/installation, and commercial/HOA landscaping maintenance.

Relationships form the base of our business. We pride ourselves on customer and employee retention. Customer satisfaction is paramount, but we always strive for even more. Not only do we want you to rely on us for a worry-free service, we want you to recommend us to your friends, family and co-workers. We understand a company is no better than it’s reputation and that a reputation can only be earned through results.


Darren’s expertise in conveying appearance, value and prestige has consistently added value to his client’s South Florida properties. His exotic, functional style looks attractive during the continuous growing season of the sub-tropics. In addition to being attractive, his designs comply with the changing requirements imposed by population growth on water resources and the ever present hurricanes as well as newly emerging insect pests.

To meet these challenges Darren assembled a team of experts to assist him in the design and implementation of fine landscapes for residences, commercial and common interest properties. From site design, plant selection and acquisition, irrigation planning, site decoration and post installation maintenance and care, the 4-Evergreen Landscaping team is poised to meet the growing needs of it’s clientele.

Today 4-Evergreen fields a team with a diverse range of experience in all essential horticultural and service categories specific to South Florida:

  • Knowledge of exotic and native Florida plants
  • Shrubs and ground covers
  • Palms
  • Tropical fruit trees
  • Fragrant and flowering trees
  • Xeriscape – drought tolerant plants
  • Perennials and annuals
  • Florida-Friendly plants
  • Custom lighting design
  • Custom edging and curbing
  • Plant and soil analysis and fertilization design
  • Organic methodologies and soil and water mitigation

Our obligation is to our customers and their satisfaction is our utmost challenge. We pledge to deliver to you the best product, our best service and our the most comprehensive support in the industry.